When in Rome

A Letter From the Photographer

Hello from rome, or should I say “Caio, da roma!”,

Here is a little back story about this rome project and what inspired us to pack up our bags in cozy Milford, MA, hop aboard an 8+ HR flight, and explore the Eternal City. First of all, everyone who’s been to Rome says, “You have to see Rome at least once in your life”, and they are right. All through school I have studied the classics, heard the tales of Romulus and Remus, two brothers who founded Rome amidst the top of the Palatine hill, and heard the murderous tale of Julius Caesar. It’s Rome, we’ve all heard of it, and being of Italian ancestry, it made sense to make the trip. What the history books, and other references, failed to mention though was that the combination of Ancient ruins mixed with modern day lifestyles has given this city a feel and atmosphere that YOU WILL NOT FIND ANYWHERE ELSE. There is no place like Rome.

There is something here for everyone. History buffs, art lovers, food lovers, partiers, the avid shoppers, the people watchers, and so much more. I’ve been around The United States to many cities; San Diego, NYC, Tampa, and of course, Boston. But exploring Rome and finding a new adventure every night, well, it was quite magical. The fact that I was walking around touching, feeling, and in the presence of structures that were thousands of years old was breath taking to say the least. One night we strolled the streets of Northern Trastevere (a district of Rome known for its delicious food choices), eating gelato and listening to street musicians play, and the next morning I’m looking up at Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and the jaw-dropping painting “The Last Judgement”.

Rome has this magical essence to it. From the second I arrived I knew I had to come back with a photoshoot. I wanted to share my experience in hopes that others will be inspired to travel to the city that never ends. It’s almost as if you’re walking in a time machine. You have a fifteen-hundred-year-old amphitheater to your left, and a brand-new 2017 Fiat to your right.

I chose to shoot this project on my phone. A Samsung S7 to be exact. By doing this it gave me authenticity, speed and flexibility, and the ability to share with everyone the truly magnificent city that I experienced. Italy is a wonderful place filled with friendly and energetic people, but Rome offers a sense of belonging to the traveler. An Italian version of New York City you might call it. Where anything, at any time, can happen.

So have your phones handy with your travel agents phone number at the ready, and remember “When In Rome”.




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Alex Stulac

Alex Stulac


Rome: The Eternal City

The History and Fun Facts

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

The History of the City

Founding Date

April 21, 753 BC


2.8 Million People

The First Ever Shopping Mall....

Founded in Rome between 107 AD and 110 AD by Emperor Trajan.


Rome has a museum dedicated entirely to pasta.

12 Interesting Facts About Rome

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