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“I am extremely grateful to ICW Productions for teaching me how to use IMovie! Alex Stulac, of ICW Productions, came to my home and personally showed me, step by step how to edit months of backed up footage ! I am an Italian teacher at Milford High School, and every year, I create the movie Pinocchio with my students. It is a lot of work editing the films and until now I was unable to do the work myself. I had to rely on the kindness and work schedules of others. We are now going to work on a Christmas project for my family ! What once filled me with anxiety … is now a lot of fun !!!” 

– Lisa Bertonazzi, Italian Teacher, Milford High School, Milford, MA

  • Editing

    With years and years of backed up footage and no idea what to do with it, this course will help you edit, organize, and create great videos of all your favorite moments you caught on camera.
  • Shooting

    Interested in making simple youtube videos, or just want to learn how to shoot good video? During this course we will go over the basics of “point-and-shoot” camera operation, so you have footage to edit.
  • Consulting

    While you are learning a new craft, it is always comforting to have someone to pull on and ask questions. Our team is highly knowledgable of editing and camera practices and will be able to help answer any questions you might have during these 10 lessons.


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