Cooking In The Kitchen

Special Project #1Cooking in the Kitchen

On August 9th, we gave Chef Brendon McGlothin a budget and a goal, to create a 4 course meal of his choosing to feed 4. He had a full kitchen, and full creative control. This shoot was designed to consist of 16 portrait pictures, and a complete gallery of each dish after the dish was garnished and completed. What came out of this shoot was something we did not expect. The eloquence, the beauty, and the food were beyond what we anticipated going in. It turned out to be a masterpiece of art and food. Please enjoy below the amazing photos that came of this exciting shoot.



An ICW Productions

An ICW Productions

Original Work

Food Photos

Dish 1

Dish 2

Dish 3

Dish 4

The Team Behind The Shoot
Alex Stulac

Alex Stulac


Brendon McGlothin

Brendon McGlothin


We Hope You Enjoyed The Photos!

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