About Us

“It’s all about the content. It gives people something to look at, to connect to, to understand. Content helps people learn what you do.”
– Alex Stulac

Our Approach

ICW Productions is a creative video production and photography services company specializing in content development for business promotional purposes. The main focus is the story. Every brand, every company, and every person has his or her own story. The best part is people, clients, and customers love a good story. The underdog story about a company founded on nothing but hopes and dreams, or the love story about a couple who quit their corporate jobs to follow their passion, and even the big executive who lost it all, just to rebuild it from scratch. It sounds like a page right out of a Hollywood movie, but these are people’s actual stories. These stories helped form our business, they tell who we are, and customers, and clients, love to know who their about to do business with. With a large background in story structure, film/entertainment experience, and extensive training in videography/photography production, ICW Productions, their employees, and their contractors, approach every project like it was a major Hollywood motion picture. This allows ICW Productions to deliver the most unique, effective, and creative videos, and photos, to their clients.

How Important is Storytelling?

Knowing How to Tell a Good Story Is Like Having Mind Control

It Is in Our Nature to Need Stories

“Every culture bathes their children in stories to explain how the world works and to engage and educate their emotions.” – Jag Bhalla

Why We Tell Stories

Behind the Content

Our Capabilities

  • Script Consultation & Writing
  • On-Location Shooting
  • Motion Graphics
  • Content Marketing Strategic Consulting
  • Full-service Editing
  • Casting
  • Storyline construction
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotional Photography
  • On-Location Photography
  • Branded Photography
  • Social Media Consulting
Alex Stulac

Alex Stulac


Notable Clients

  • 7202 to Kenya (Holliston, MA)
  • The Green Company (Newton, MA)
  • Neurocare: Center for Sleep (W. Newton, MA)
  • Northeastern Publishing , The Little Green Phonebook (Holliston, MA)
  • Nitto Denko Avecia, INC (Milford, MA)
  • Oliva’s Market, catering and Gourmet Gifts (Milford, MA)
  • BNI, Mass Bay Chapter (Ashland, MA)
  • Keli, Hair Boutique (Framingham, MA)
  • Galaxy Granite (Hopkinton, MA)
  • Civic Kitchen & Drink (Westborough, MA)
  • The Genesis Foundation (Boston, MA)
  • The Middlesex Magic

In The News

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